Some days are better than others.

Events occurred 12 April 2013. Thank you to all of my readers. I enjoy reading the comments, so please: if you have a minute free and an opinion on what I’ve written, I’d like to hear it.

Something like this shouldn’t have such an influence on me; shouldn’t make me want to cry… but it does. These were the words that a client, a Navy veteran nonetheless, said this morning:

They say “It’s OK to be gay,” but it’s not.

A sentence of just over 10 words shattered my day. On the way home from work, I pulled off the road at the park near my neighborhood. I stopped the engine, pulled my iPad out of my bag and, not bothering to unlatch my seatbelt or crack open the window, started writing this. Honestly, I’m putting off having to go home and explain to my mom and dad the reason their son is broken.

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Determining file types on Linux and macOS

Have you ever downloaded a file that didn’t have an extension? (I have…) But here’s a new tool for your toolkit. The file command tries to guess what kind of file you pass to it using some signature features of common file types. Check the man page (man file) in your friendly local terminal emulator for more.

This post was originally posted on 2013-03-28 and last updated 2019-09-26.