User Expectations Regarding Files & Mobile Applications

There has been a fast foray by most business software companies into ultra-mobile computing. Microsoft is finally starting to catch up on non-Windows Phone devices with Office for Android. I say that they’re only starting because I met a critical flaw in their own application. Mobile software has taught users—myself included—that you only need to… Continue reading User Expectations Regarding Files & Mobile Applications

Have you ever seen the rain?

Sometimes there is no better metaphor for a period in one’s life than rain. There’s the spring shower, where it’s grey for a day and everything blooms come the next. There’s the summer thunderstorm, which is often dark, loud, and scary. It seems to last forever, stretching deep into the night and keeping you awake,… Continue reading Have you ever seen the rain?

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Determining file types on Linux and macOS

Have you ever downloaded a file that didn’t have an extension? (I have…) But here’s a new tool for your toolkit. The file command tries to guess what kind of file you pass to it using some signature features of common file types. Check the man page (man file) in your friendly local terminal emulator for more.