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  • caradelememe: shoolk: mickeyblades: Video game music is so beautiful and underappreciated I hate this fcukjgn site

  • incomparablyme: when you’ve been around straight people for too long and you need some gayness

  • This is what society needs, less stigma around gay people trying to find what everyone else does. For people who aren’t lgbtq to understand that we are just trying and if you aren’t attracted to us don’t take it offensively or weirdly and just politely say no. I wish I had the courage to give […]

  • When you go to use the shop and it is filthy


  • What are you looking at?

  • twelvefeetovermyhead: coralmarks: mapsontheweb: Most popular fast food restaurants by US state. this will align with how the USA breaks apart in 50 years How Bernie can still win

  • crinosg: Just found this online, not mine, but apparently it was meant to be spread (and it should).