This is what society needs, less stigma around gay people trying to find what everyone else does. For people who aren’t lgbtq to understand that we are just trying and if you aren’t attracted to us don’t take it offensively or weirdly and just politely say no. I wish I had the courage to give […]

unexplained-events: Gates of Hell Oddly shaped lava formations look like a mass of twisted bodies. Location: Hawaii over the West Kamokuna lava skylight Photo: The photo was shot in 1996 by Laszlo Kestay, who is currently director of the USGS Astrogeology Science Center

superkamigodespurrdragonofmars: Nothing tops @dril’s “face god and walk backwards into hell” in terms of iconic phrases with absurd sources, but @clickholeofficial recently gave us “don’t squander this opportunity! God may have closed a door, but what that stupid motherfucker hasn’t realized is that he left a window open for you to wriggle right through!” And […]

deadwithoutdata: willcub: ariesaav: fuzzbutt07: *slams reblog* Klezmer dolphins. I don’t know that I’ve reblogged anything faster in my entire tumblr life.   The one dancing and flailing at the end (Source: