designmeetstyle: Bold and beautiful. This show-stopping living room was designed around basic blue and white and brought to life with pattern. Easy to mix and match the various patterns because they all center around blue. Classic yet bold selections from floor to furniture to windows, walls and ceiling.

User Expectations Regarding Files & Mobile Applications

There has been a fast foray by most business software companies into ultra-mobile computing. Microsoft is finally starting to catch up on non-Windows Phone devices with Office for Android. I say that they’re only starting because I met a critical flaw in their own application. Mobile software has taught users—myself included—that you only need to […]

designmeetstyle: Benches, sunlight and a pretty morning view is a perfect place for a nook. Comfortable benches with lots of pretty pillows and a warm, buttery yellow painted wall make the nook welcoming and comfortable.  Oh, this is nice! … but please, stop distressing things, because I’m getting distressed myself just thinking about it.