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This would have been more meaningful if it had come from someone besides the straight, white man. You know, like the lady two people over.

Seriously? Seriously, people? Shut the fuck up. Because he is a white straight man making an effort to gather support for equal rights he is unworthy? That his support is nothing? Or that it’s not good enough for him to support equal rights? Get your slick stinky underwear out of your ass crack and stop being so stupid. I’ve heard macklemore get so much shit today for FUCKING SUPPORTING equal rights! He is a straight white man using his privilege in a correct and respectful way and people seem to have a problem with that?! You’re fucking kidding me. So if he just decided to suck someone’s dick the day before, would his support finally mean something?! Man, shut the hell up people. This is support right here, and in the mainstream media.

/end motherfucking rant

reblogging this a million times

do you even understand how much shit macklemore gets because people think he’s gay? do you understand that they kept passing the microphone to her but she didnt want to speak? do you understand that if you’re straight, you can support same sex marriage? because you can. just because he’s straight doesn’t mean his support doesn’t matter. do you get how amazing it is to have a song like this played on the radio? things like this dont hapoen often, and the fact that the same straight goofball who sang “thrift shop” can write something so beautiful like this is amazing. in fact, i think it is fucking amazing that this man is using his speech time to talk about gay rights. he almost forgot to thank his fiancé because he cared about this cause so much. macklemore used his minute and a half (maybe less) of speech time to stand up for what he believe, to stand up for love, to stand up for his family. and you think that just because he’s straight it isn’t valid? that makes you just as close minded as homophobic people in my opinion.

I will never ever not reblog this. Ever.

How strange that we ask for support and awareness from our fellow humans, and then we attack the people giving that support and awareness because they aren’t us.

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