danieljlayton: retrolizard: imagineyouricon: Imagine you and your icon reenacting the boat scene from Titanic. …..the “boat scene”? ……….. …………the entire movies takes place on a boat

neurario: thr0ughthelookingglass: do-not-feed-the-animal: letlive-period: exilethepoet: audgy: This would have been more meaningful if it had come from someone besides the straight, white man. You know, like the lady two people over. Seriously? Seriously, people? Shut the fuck up. Because he is a white straight man making an effort to gather support for equal rights he […]

limebear: teacup-warrior: philipchircop: ENGOLDENED I learnt a new word and I love the sound of it: kintsukuroi. It is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with seams of gold. Kintsugi repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the container even more beautiful than it was prior to being broken.  Not a very common idea in western […]