Maple bacon biscuits à la Smitten Kitchen

As a patron of my local library system, I have access to Library2go. (I didn’t pick the name.) Though Library2go’s collection is paltry because publishers suck, it has gems like Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Inside, I found the recipe for these maple bacon biscuits. (If you can’t get the book right now, there are… Continue reading Maple bacon biscuits à la Smitten Kitchen

Visual vignettes for character and plot genesis

I write some of my best work as vignettes. When I conceptualize events that happen in a story, I build focused scenes with a certain mood and destination in mind. I extrapolate from there to make the scene. vignette: a brief evocative description, account, or episode Oxford Dictionary of English/New Oxford American Dictionary There are… Continue reading Visual vignettes for character and plot genesis

What It Takes

A set of photos about what it takes to go to college. A group assignment for Multimedia Journalism (JNL-240). Captions contributed by Svetlana Goloviznina, Nolan Good, Megan Stewart, and Dylan Umsted. Photos taken by me, released under CC BY-SA 4.0 International.


datarep: Thirty years of major flooding in the United States


4alarmfirecracker: Shoot + @screenshotsofdespair   (1/?)


murphmanfa: sandvichette: vigilantespanties: Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech – 1997 Our neighbor didn’t die, he was just needed someplace else. He took a moment that was about recognizing him and turned it into a moment to recognize everyone who was there and everyone who made it possible for him to do what he does. If you… Continue reading Untitled


roskiiart: mirror-night: aconfusedbird:   i’ve watched this 20 times now. each time is better than the last @peacelovetrombones (Source: