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On Holiday (A Pseudo-Liveblog)

On holiday in Massachusetts! Presented in reverse-chronological (latest first) order.

…rest of the trip?

So I was a little too occupied to write much else in this post. I’ll be leaving it up for posterity, though. I had a great time on my trip. And it ended the way I wanted it to. I kissed my love.

2013-06-20 07:59-0400

Oh my god it’s cold, really, really cold.

2013-06-19 06:50 UTC-0400

Yes. That’s the offset for Eastern Daylight Time you see there in that heading. I have crossed the entire nation—and a great lake.

I was surprised at how short of a trip it was getting here. (Being hindered and not aided by the jet stream on the return trip is definitely going to make the flight back, well, painful, both literally and figuratively.) The 757 I was on (sadly its cabin is not wider than a 737) had in-flight Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, its provider charges an exorbitant amount of money for access which ends up lasting less than ¼ a day (if you’re on a longer flight, it’s still not worth the price).

Well, unfortunate if you hadn’t looked for a workaround before leaving. Hack My Trip had an article detailing how to get Gogo’s in-flight service for free: own a BlackBerry—or make the service think you do. As detailed in the article, you can make your device identify itself as a modern (≥ BB10) BlackBerry. When Gogo directs you to their payments page, it realizes you’re “a BlackBerry” and gives your device free access to the Internet (including VPNs and SSH). One IT department’s stupidity, though, is another man’s $20. Or something like that.

Also, a bit of kudos to the TSA agents at KPDX (don’t worry, I still don’t like the TSA):

  • They actually reopened security lines to handle the >300 passengers waiting in line for red-eye flights.
  • None of them were rude, to me or other passengers.
  • I opted out of the millimeter nudie-wave scan, to no protest on the TSA’s part. (Though not ionizing or genotoxic like backscatter X-ray, I still don’t want to go into a device used to treat everyone like terroristic cattle and that looks an awful lot like a death trap in science-fiction movies.)
  • I wasn’t “gate-raped”: no personal space violations, no groping, no molesting, no cavity searches.

I hope it’s the same when flying out of KBDL, because I will be watching. So don’t fuck it up.

2013-06-18 03:08 UTC-0700

I’m writing this while hurtling towards Detroit at around 10 times faster than highway travel.

(Don’t worry, it’s a layover—I switch planes to go to KBDL/Hartford-Springfield after I land in around an hour.)

Also, the morning twilight is beautiful from up here.

2013-06-17 23:00 UTC-0700

Look who I found! An Internet friend of mine. No, I didn’t get a picture of him until after we parted ways—my flight was boarding and I didn’t even think about it beforehand. (He’s the one in the chartreuse ASIG uniform.)

Robert! …’s back. Ah well, might catch him on the return trip.

Working Wear

Wood from a grain elevator’s spout. The grain had singlehandedly eroded the wood down from decades of processing.

You are tiny.

Animated representation of the scale of stars.

Some days are better than others.

Events occurred 12 April 2013. Thank you to all of my readers. I enjoy reading the comments, so please: if you have a minute free and an opinion on what I’ve written, I’d like to hear it.

Something like this shouldn’t have such an influence on me; shouldn’t make me want to cry… but it does. These were the words that a client, a Navy veteran nonetheless, said this morning:

They say “It’s OK to be gay,” but it’s not.

A sentence of just over 10 words shattered my day. On the way home from work, I pulled off the road at the park near my neighborhood. I stopped the engine, pulled my iPad out of my bag and, not bothering to unlatch my seatbelt or crack open the window, started writing this. Honestly, I’m putting off having to go home and explain to my mom and dad the reason their son is broken.

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Determining Types of Files With No Extension on Linux & OS X

Determining types of extensionless files on OS X and Linux

Being lazy and in a rush, I saved a download with its default name, thinking I’d remember what kind of file it was without adding an extension. Needless to say, I didn’t—but a quick search revealed a solution, and I’d suggest adding it to your toolkit. Hit up the link or run man file in your friendly local terminal emulator for more.



  1. (of a person) subject to sudden or unpredictable changes in mood or mind: his mercurial temperament.

    • (of a person) spritely; lively

I recently had someone describe me as mercurial. I think he was right.